日々を彩るアイテムとして自由な発想で使って欲しいという想いから、フランス語で“大きな鞄”や“ショッピングバッグ”を意味するCaBas[キャバ]と名付けました。自分らしいライフスタイルを確立していこうとするあらゆる世代に向け、もの選びの“新しい価値観” を見出せるような商品を提案していきます。日本には世界に誇れる素材、工房がまだまだ沢山あります。

Japanese Handwork with a Modern Design

Japan is home to a diverse array of materials and ateliers that have earned the respect of designers around the globe and have continued to be kept alive by generations of artisans.We create novel designs by taking a fresh look at the materials and workshop expertise rooted in the manufacturing traditions of each region of Japan, and by constantly engaging in dialogue with designers in Japan and abroad.Our bag collection centers on tote bags—a part of everyday life for anyone, anywhere-and comes to life from our uncompromising choice of Japanese materials and ateliers. Out of our desire to have you use the bags to accent your day-to-day life the way you want, we dubbed the lineup “CaBas”, which means “large bag” or “shopping bag” in French.To people of any age who want to create their own lifestyle, we offer products designed to help them find a “new sense of values” about the way things are made. In Japan, there is a whole cosmos of world-class materials and ateliers.







Tanei was established in 1920 in Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture, where the cotton industry had its first roots in Japan. Sashiko fabric was traditionally hand-made and labour intensive but Tanei developed machinery to make its production more efficient and consistent in quality. This unique fabric uses thick Mikawa cotton which is given an attractive, uneven surface with Sashiko stitching. As a result, it is high in durability, fire resistant, warm and absorbent as well as having a very soft and pleasant texture.Garments made of Sashiko have traditionally been used to provide protection against fire. It is also used for Japanese martial art uniforms, such as for Kendo and Judo, and Tanei continues to be Japan’s top producer of such clothing.The fabric is difficult to work with but Tanei developed techniques to cut it accurately and sew it faultlessly, resulting in beautiful bags. The company’s experienced craftspeople have years of expertise in Sashiko fabric production and stitching. From weaving to cutting to sewing, the production line is seamless and the result is a very high quality product.